Our Shortline Railroad is now CLOSED for the season.
We will resume rides in Late May. Check back to our website or Facebook page.
See you in 2024!

Facts about the MSRR

  • Built in 2013
  • 1 1/2″ scale model railroad
  • 7 1/2 gauge railroad (7 1/2″ inside measurement between the rails)
  • Locomotive is an exact 1 1/2 scale version of a real switcher-type diesel
  • Powered by a 6 hp Honda engine
  • Riding cars are also 1 1/2 scale versions of real size train cars
  • Layout is approximately 1000ft long
  • Circles the perimeter of the 1 1/2 acre MAHLS campus
  • Ride takes approximately 11 minutes, including loading and unloading (we usually do 2 – 3 trips around).
  • The train holds up to 14 riders at a time.
  • We estimate that we take ~500 trips during Fridays each season. That’s about 7000 turns for riders!
  • Look closely and you’ll see that the track switches position to bring you closer to the station when the ride is over.
  • Train goes through a tunnel and passes above Breakneck Creek and a tributary.

How to Ride

  • Come to the MAHLS Campus on any Friday (end of May until end of October, weather permitting, from 10am – 2pm)
  • Board at ground level, behind Swaney Pavilion
  • All ages can ride! (Handheld infants must be snug in a body carrier or sling.)
  • Young children must be accompanied on their seat by an adult.
  • We will ask you to stay straddling the bench and keep your feet flat on the running boards.
  • Please do not tip your weight or rock from side to side as it will derail the train.
  • We take safety very seriously. There is always an operator in the back of the train to alert the engineer if someone needs to stop or there is an issue.
  • Cost to ride the train is by donation. Whatever you would like to gift is greatly appreciated.