For information on the history of a Butler County, PA property we suggest you try these steps:

  • Visit the Butler County GIS to find the property.
    Select “Basic Search” and input the address.
  • Take note of the Owner and/or Deed Info.
  • From here, you should be able to see at least one deed (or other document) from the property. Select it, and click “View Image”. You can save, print, or email this file if you wish to.

Depending on the type of document, you should be able to learn several interesting pieces of information including: Sale date, sale price, all parties involved, the geographic location / surveyor points of the property, etc.

MOST IMPORTANTLY! You should be able to find the record number, or book / page number of the last time this parcel was sold. It will look something like this:

  • Write down this Volume (or Book) and Page Number. You will then repeat the Deed Search process. You can use either the name of the person/company from this sale (using Name Search again), or the Book and Page number (Using Instrument Search).
  • Working backwards, repeat this process of finding Book/Volume and Page numbers and/or Names from the deeds that come up. Eventually, you’ll stop being able to find the digitized versions of the documents. At that point, you can take the last deed(s) to the Butler County Courthouse and find the physical books to continue your research.

MAHLS Volunteer Jessica Beasley is happy to assist in helping you research the deed history of properties in Butler County. If you have trouble navigating these directions or would like help, please contact her at or via the MAHLS Facebook page.