Mars Shortline Railroad


The MSRR is located on the Mars (Pa.) History and Landmark Society (MHLS) property which is at the south end of Mars, Pa., at #1 Brickyard Road.

The MSRR is a 7 gauge (track width), 1/8 scale (the railroad cars) railroad layout that was built by the volunteer members of the MHLS during 2012 and 2013.

The MSRR currently consists of 650 feet of mainline track that traverses the perimeter of the MHLS property, and a 150 foot siding track that accesses the MSRR train storage shed. The track rails are extruded aircraft-grade aluminum in the profile shape of an actual full size railroad rail.

The MSRR 1/8 scale rolling stock currently consists of (1) Diesel Switcher locomotive, an engineers gondola, (3) riding cars, a conductors gondola, and a caboose.

The locomotive is powered by a 5HP gasoline engine coupled to a hydraulic / chain drive system that transfers power to the locomotives drive wheels.

The locomotive and the rail cars (gondolas and riding cars) are built of steel, and ride on cast steel wheel trucks just like real trains. These cars were manufactured by companies who specialize in building scale size railroad cars.

The caboose consists of a beautiful wooden body, and rides on a steel framework and cast steel trucks. The body was built by one of the MHLS members.

The MSRR riding cars are designed to haul adults and children of all ages around the layout, and each car can accommodate a combination of several adults and children. The train ride is at a leisurely pace which provides time to view all the interesting buildings and artifacts around the MHLS property.

The cost to ride the MSRR is by donation. The MSRR will be riding passengers at scheduled times throughout the year, and may also be available for special events like birthday parties. The run schedule will be posted on the MHLS website under the Events Page.

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Applefest 2013

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